yamaha fg730s solid top acoustic guitar reviews

Yamaha fg730s Acoustic Guitar Reviews

I am the proud owner of several guitars one of which is a Yamaha fg730s Acoustic Guitar. The latter was one of my first guitars, and although it is not the most visually attractive guitar in my collection, it is still a decent guitar. From my personal experience, I am writing Yamaha fg730s Acoustic Guitar review for you.

Yamaha fg730s Acoustic Guitar Review:

If you want to buy the best beginner guitar at priced at low cost, the Yamaha fg730s is a good budget guitar for beginners as well as for veterans not willing to spend high dollars on a guitar. With that being said, let me get to the part that matters the most, the Yamaha fg730s Acoustic Guitar review.

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Construction and design:

The Yamaha fg730s sports a dreadnought body with a Sitka spruce top, rosewood back and sides and a neck made of nato wood. The solid Sitka spruce top has a natural finish that does not smudge easily or glare too much.

Connecting the body and the neck is a rosewood fretboard with a dovetail neck joint. The latter has no metallic parts and is precisely crafted to provide a stable and strong body to neck connection. To crown it all, the Yamaha sports the manufacturer’s signature 0.25-millimeter thin high gloss body finish.


Sound Quality:

Yamaha fg730s Acoustic Guitar neck

It is a well-known fact that Yamaha guitars produce high-quality sound, and the fg730s is no exception. The large dreadnought body is at the core of its thick sound and so is the Sitka spruce top.

The dovetail neck joint also contributes to the guitar’s outstanding sound quality. Equipped with a set of D’Addrio acoustic guitar strings, the fg730s is a guitar you will be using for years to come.

Additionally, the guitar adapts well to different playing styles and genres of music. Hence, if you are a fan of rock or blues you can never go wrong with this guitar especially if you are a beginner.

As per my observations, the fg730s is great for playing rock, blues and country. The guitar comes with die-cast tuners for effortless tuning.


Yamaha fg730s Acoustic Guitar bridge

One of the things I like about the fg730s is how comfortable it is. The guitar’s large dreadnought body is not bulky for an average sized person.

The action of the guitar, or distance between strings and fret, cannot be compared with that of other guitars within its price range.

As such, it is easier to create chords on this guitar than on other guitars priced at below $ 400. The spacing of the strings is also not bad though it might feel off for some people. Overall, the fg730s is a sturdy guitar that will serve you well for many years to come.


  • The Yamaha fg730 s comes with a rosewood bridge
  • Die-cast tuners
  • Tortoise pickguard
  • These features contribute to the overall sound quality and stability of the guitar
  • For starters, the chrome die-cast tuners are as tight as they are secure
  • You do not have to worry about the guitar going out of tune
  • These tuners allow for fine tuning and do not slip easily like other cheap guitar tuners
  • This is something I particularly like as I consider myself to be a pretty vigorous player.

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  •  Great design and for a budget guitar
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight for ease of playing
  • Great body to neck connection
  • Decent sound quality for a budget guitar
  • Good quality D’Addrio strings
  • Rosewood body and sides for durability
  • Available in different color variations ranging from sunburst to black and white


  • Not as polished as other guitars
  • The binding of the fretboard is not rounded which can be uncomfortable
  •  Only ideal for playing country, rock and blues
  • Does not come with electronics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Whether The Neck Of This Instrument Is Adjustable?

Answer: Yamaha has equipped all guitars in the FG series with adjustable truss rods, and the fg730s is no exception. The guitar’s truss rods are accessible through its sound holes. To make adjusting the truss rods easy, the guitar comes with a truss wrench.

If you are not experienced in setting neck relief, it is advisable to consult an expert on how to set your guitar’s neck.

Question: Whether It Comes With Nylon Or Steel Strings?

Answer: Since it is an acoustic guitar and not a classic or Spanish, this guitar is fitted with steel strings, D’Addriao steel strings to be specific. Also, when you want to replace the strings do not go for nylon strings as they are designed to be used on classic guitars.

The best alternative to the custom steel strings of this Yamaha would be phosphor bronze strings. However, as already stated the strings on this guitar are of good quality and thus do not need replacing after purchase.

Question: Is The Yamaha fg730s Ideal For Children?

Answer: Although the guitar is not too bulky, it may be large for children especially those aged below eight years. If you want to buy this guitar for your 10 or 8-year-old, let them try it out first and see whether it is comfortable for them.

However, since it is a full sized guitar, it will help your child adapt to playing full sized guitars at a young age. This will be of benefit in the long run.

Final Verdict

As stated in the beginning, the Yamaha fg730s is not the best guitar in my collection or in the market for that matter but in my honest opinion, it is the best in its price range. Additionally, its sound quality cannot match that of high-end brands such as Fender, Alvarez, Takamine and Martin.

Nonetheless, the fg730s’ is a guitar of high quality designed for the budget conscious buyer. This is a guitar that I would recommend to any beginner looking for an instrument that will not cost a lot of dollars.

Also, it can be a great gift to award your music loving relative, child or friend. In conclusion, I find this guitar to be a decent instrument whose few defects do not interfere with its playability or sound quality.

Thus, although it is ideal for playing rock and blues, there is nothing stopping you from trying out different genres of music. I hope this Yamaha fg730s Acoustic Guitar review will help you buying this guitar.

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