Yamaha fg700s acoustic guitar review

Yamaha fg700s acoustic guitar review

Are you in search of an affordable entry level acoustic guitar? Then it is time you learned about the Yamaha fg700s Acoustic Guitar. The latter is part of Yamaha’s FG series of acoustic guitars. As such you should expect to get a pleasant playing experience at the lowest possible cost. I have prepared this Yamaha fg700s acoustic guitar review for you.

Yamaha fg700s acoustic guitar review for beginners

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Yamaha FG700s Acoustic Guitar Review:

Being an entry level guitar, the fg700s is an ideal instrument for beginners. So what makes this guitar such an exceptional instrument and does it deserve your attention?

These are the questions I will be answering in this Yamaha fg700s acoustic guitar review.

Design And Construction:

Yamaha FG700s Acoustic Guitar body

The first thing that grabs you attention when you look at the fg700s is how similar it is to other standard dreadnought acoustic guitars. Thus, there is nothing unique about the deep hourglass body constructed from Nato mahogany and the rosewood fingerboard. The neck is also made of Nato mahogany.

In true Yamaha fashion, the neck and body are connected using a dovetail joint while the body sports a Sitka spruce top. The fingerboard features the smallest fret inlays. The sound hole of the fg700s is adorned with an obtrusive rosette that adds to the guitar’s visual appeal.

A glance at the guitar’s neck reveals a traditional three-a-side headstock while the beautiful chocolate pickguard does not look like anything you would expect to find on an entry level guitar.


Yamaha FG700s Acoustic Guitar neck

The large hourglass body of the fg700s is responsible for its thick sound. And although it is the cheapest guitar in the FG series, this guitar is not short on volume. The Nato mahogany wood and rosette that adorns its sound hole also contribute to its impressive sound quality.

Since the fg700s is an acoustic guitar, it comes fitted with a set of D’Addriao steel strings. These strings are of good quality. In general, the sound quality of this instrument gives it an edge over other entry level guitar models.


Despite its size, the fg700s feels comfortable, and you do not have to struggle for volume. This is something that sets the Yamaha fg700s apart from other entry-level guitars that cost below $ 200.

Also, the guitar’s fretboard feels comfortable and using your fingers produces the same natural volume as when you use a pick. The action of the guitar is also exceptional and makes it easy for you to create chords by pressing your fingers down.

The fg700s is a versatile instrument that adapts well to different playing styles and tones. Fingerpicking near the bridge produces a snap and pop tone that is different from the rounded country tone that you get when you pick the sound lines over the sound hole.

Yamaha FG700s Acoustic Guitar bridge

Therefore, the tone of the guitar depends on how you play it. The guitar does not go out of tune easily thanks to its die-cast tuners. Also, you are able to fine tune this guitar without experiencing slippage that is common with other entry level budget guitars. The dovetail joint of the guitar guarantees stability and contributes to the outstanding tone produced by this guitar.


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  • Is a sturdy, affordable and versatile guitar perfect for beginners
  • Its sound quality is great for a guitar in its price range
  • Is a durable guitar
  • Is comfortable to play and the fretboard feels nice to hold
  • Adapts to different playing styles with ease
  • The action is great for beginners
  • Awesome look considering its price


  • It’s a guitar designed for beginners, and its quality might turn off experienced players
  • Does not come with accessories such as a bag, stand or tuner
  • Although it’s a versatile guitar its high action may be a turn off for some

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: is the Yamaha fg700s too big for persons of below average height with small hands?

Answer: Though the fg700s is a large guitar, it does not feel too big for persons with small hands, as per online reviews posted by users of varying heights. However, if you feel that this guitar is too big for you, there are several other options available.

The bottom line is that the guitar is playable, but a more compact guitar may be required if you are of below average height. Also, before settling on a guitar, it is always wise to test it out first.

Question: Does it stay in tune well and does it require setting up after purchase?

Answer: The Yamaha fg700s stays in tune well and thus you do not have to worry about that. However, the guitar may need to be fine-tuned or set up after purchase. The reason being that most guitars need to be fine tuned after being transported, and the fg700s is no exception.

Nonetheless, this will depend on how you handle the guitar during transit. The factory set up is not at all bad and will not give you problems. Hence, it is not always necessary to fine tune it after purchase as it all depends on how you handle it during transit.

Question: Does this guitar come with a warranty?

Answer: Yamaha offers a warranty on all its products, the fg700s acoustic guitar included. To get more information about the guitar’s warranty you can check the Yamaha USA official website.

Alternatively, you can get a warranty from the store where you are buying the guitar. Some stores both online and offline offer warranties on their products. Not all stores offer a separate warranty, though; thus, it is important to enquire before purchase.

Final Verdict:

The Yamaha fg700s is the cheapest acoustic guitar from the Japanese manufacturer. As such you should not expect it to come with electronics for plugging into a sound system. Also, do not expect accessories such as a bag, tuner or stand as no budget guitar below $ 200 comes with these features.

All the accessories you will require will have to be acquired separately. All the same, if you are interested in buying your first guitar and do not have a lot of money to spend, this is a guitar that you should consider.

In conclusion, I am a huge fan of acoustic guitars and having experimented with various stringed instruments I can honestly say that this is a guitar that I would not mind purchasing again. The guitar offers you the quality that we have come to expect from Yamaha at an affordable price.

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