Yamaha apxt2 Acoustic Guitar Review

Yamaha apxt2 Acoustic Guitar Review

Are you new to guitar playing and are looking for an affordable practice guitar? Or are you a professional player who travels a lot and are looking for a backup guitar for your many on the road gigs? If you are, then you are in luck because today I am writing the Yamaha apxt2 Acoustic Guitar Review.


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Yamaha apxt2 Acoustic Guitar Review:

The APXT2 is a small sized guitar designed for frequent travelers, and for practice. A compact version of Yamaha’s best-selling APX500II guitar, the APXT2 is also an acoustic-electric guitar.

This makes it ideal for gigs as well, and its small size makes it perfect for kids aged ten years and below. With that being said, it is time to look at why the APXT2 is such a great instrument.


With a body depth of 65 to 75 millimeter and measuring 36.2 inches by 16.5 inches by 4.5 inches, the APXT2 is smaller than its best-selling brother the APX500II. To add to the guitar’s compactness, the nut width stands at 43 millimeters while the strings measure 580 millimeters in length.

Design And Construction:

Similar to other acoustic-electric guitars in the APX series, this guitar has a single cutaway design and a Sitka spruce top. The guitar’s back and sides are crafted from meranti while the neck and bridge are built of mahogany.

In between the headstock and the body is a rosewood fingerboard sitting on top of a dovetail joint. The guitar comes in different color variants including dark red burst, natural, old violin sunburst as well as black finish.

Onboard Electronics:

As an acoustic-electric guitar, the APXT2 is designed to offer unrivaled playing flexibility. The guitar is equipped with a pickup system with an Acoustic Resonance Transducer or ART for short. With this pickup system, you are able to plug into any PA system or amplifier for a full-bodied acoustic tone.

In addition to the ART-pickup system, this guitar also features Yamaha’s proprietary inbuilt tuners that make fine tuning easy and fast. To crown in at all, the guitar is fitted with volume and tone controls and produces an awesome sound when plugged into a Yamaha THR5A amplifier.


apxt2 neck

The APXT2 is a compact guitar that is easy to hold and carry. Moreover, the nut is sufficiently wide to accommodate full sized fingertips. This is in addition to the 43-millimeter headstock and 53-millimeter Bridge that make up the width of the fingerboard.

The onboard electronics discussed above add to the guitar’s playability. The APXT2 comes with a set of D’Addrio steel strings.

Accessories and sound quality:

Included in the package is a well-padded gig bag that makes carrying this compact and lightweight guitar easy. Sadly, the gig bag is the only accessory that accompanies the APXT2. Thus, any other accessory you may require to better your playing will have to be bought separately.

However, for its price the lack of accompanying accessories is understandable. Additionally, the guitar’s sound quality will make you forget about its lack of accompanying accessories. Despite its small size, the APXT2 produces a thick rich sound capable of being amplified.

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  • Compact and lightweight travel guitar
  • Equipped with ART-pickup system for plugging into an amplifier
  • Single cutaway designs allow easy access to lower frets
  • Comes set up with low action of playability especially for beginners
  • Light gauge factory D’Addrio strings make playing easy for beginners
  • Great sound both when plugged in and when not plugged in
  • Affordable
  • Available in four color variants


  • The fretboard neck edges are bit sharp and can hurt a player’s hands
  •  The tuning keys are very low quality and may need to be replaced
  • The action is really low and can be a turn off for some
  • The action is really low and can be a turn off for some

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How does the APXT2 compare to full sized guitars?

Answer: Being a compact guitar the APXT2’s body and neck are smaller compared to that of most full sized guitars the APX500II in particular. The APX500II has a neck that is 353 millimeters long and is 1¼ inches longer than the 322-millimeter neck of the APXT2.

Thus, the difference is not that big, and you will get used to the APXT2’s small body pretty fast. If you are used to large guitars, the AXPT2 may tend to slip off your lap at times.

Question: Does this guitar come with a gigbag?

Answer: The APXT2 comes with a softshell gigbag. This bag is well padded but cannot compare to hard-shell cases. Therefore, if you are a frequent traveler, a hard-shell case may be a better choice for you. However, if you are a beginner, then the softshell gigbag that comes with the guitar will do just fine.

The soft-shell case may not be adequate to protect your guitar, especially when traveling and this is why you need to consider buying a hard-shell case.

Question: Does this guitar require an amplifier?

As an acoustic-electric guitar, the APXT2 is designed to be played with an amplifier and as a natural acoustic guitar. The sound produced by the guitar when it is not plugged into an amplifier is similar to that of a ukulele and is ideal for learning. If you are willing and able to invest in an amplifier you will be rewarded with a great natural acoustic sound. When plugged into an amplifier it sounds the same as a full sized acoustic guitar.

Thus, the answer to this question depends on your preference and how you are using the guitar.

Final Verdict

One of the many things I like about Yamaha guitars is how resilient and durable they are. Unlike other manufacturers Yamaha allows their wood to cure properly before it’s used in the making of any guitar. This is done to prevent the guitars from splitting due to harsh climatic conditions.

Thus, with the Yamaha APXT2, you not only get a great sounding compact guitar but a high-quality instrument that will last you longer than most guitars will. Also, the guitar can serve more than one purpose; it can be a great travel guitar as well as a fantastic beginner guitar for your ten-year-old.

In conclusion, the Yamaha APXT2 is a cheaper alternative to the popular Yamaha APX500II acoustic electric guitar. Also, the APXT2 is a unique instrument that costs less than $ 400.

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