Seagull S6 Review

Seagull S6 Review | Original Acoustic Guitar

From my opinion,  Seagull S6 acoustic guitar is not a beginner guitar. As I plan to partake in this Seagull S6 Review.

Seagull S6 Review:

This acoustic guitar turns into a standard for entry-level acoustic guitars and it earns a set to be known as an intermediate guitar.

Handmade in Canada (one of only a handful couple of guitars at this cost point that is even made in North America!). The Seagull Guitars was built up in 1982 as a sub-brand of Godin Guitars. It’s unquestionably not the cheapest beginner guitar available.

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When I initially strummed and picked a Seagull S6, I had no clue what astounding response, feel and playability I would get from this humbly estimated gem! I had no real option except to truly strum it loud to perceive how it reverberated. The harder I stuck on this astounding, standard sized dreadnought guitar, the better it sang!

The Seagull S6 is a strong guitar, and I imply that it’s well-manufactured, dependable, and made of lovely tone woods. It’s tastefully satisfying and delivers an extraordinary sound, significantly more than its cash worth. Seagull guitars are eco-friendly. This may not be essential to you, but rather it is to me.

Flighty deforestation and the cutting down of exotic woods is an extraordinary issue around the world, and interest for uncommon tonewoods is prompting the elimination of valuable species, while general interest for shoddy wood is prompting the vanishing of timberlands everywhere throughout the world, bringing on avalanches, changes in climate and atmosphere, death toll for a large number of creatures and numerous different tragedies.

Most guitar producers say they’re endeavoring towards finishing these practices, yet just a few ensure themselves as eco-friendly and get their wood from the neighborhood, elective and adequate sources.

Who Is A Great Fit For This Guitar?

  • Beginner who needs a guitar he or she can play even once they turn into an advanced player
  • Any style player-obliges all styles – classic rock,  jazz, blues, strumming, finger-picking and so on.
  • Intermediate who is searching for an enduring quality execution and recording guitar on a financial plan
  • Professional player who needs an under $1000 quality acoustic at a low-cost spending plan level
  • Anyone who needs an expert quality guitar at an entry level cost

Body & Neck:

The S6 Original acoustic originates from the originals series, which offers the greater part of the first Seagull plans, revamped and re-cleaned to meet today’s acoustic guitarist’s most requesting needs.

The wild cherry back and sides are strong and have a pleasant, less layered feel than the top, which has a lot gleam on it, bringing about a marginally less common feel to the wood. In any case, the cedar is redeemable given that it is a superb piece, with a couple of defects all through.

The completion on the S6 Original is a touch thick. Seagull has gotten on other makers’ pattern of shine covering the highest point of the majority of their creation instruments.

Whether this is to seal up blemishes in the wood or to conceal minor grain irregularities, the outcome still continues as before: the S6 Original will get sweat-soaked, and on occasion sticky, because of its gloss coating, which can be a diversion to some.

Cedar Instead Of Spruce:

The thing about utilizing a cedar top rather. Then the traditional spruce top is that it’s difficult to contrast one type with its logical counterpart when looking for a guitar. Cedar has limitlessly diverse tonal qualities than spruce and might bring about your ear a touch of confusion.

I’ve heard a few individuals discuss how cedar is better to fingerpicking. While others guarantee that the guitar opened up additional with strumming.

My point is, don’t anticipate that this guitar will seem like each other learner acoustic guitar, however, take that as something to be thankful for. It might take a short time for your ear to get used to the sound, you will love it in the long run.


Seagull guitars are known for their splendid sound. It is an extraordinary element of the organization and it is additional, tragically, one of the organization’s defeats. The brighter tone of the S6 Original implies that notes ring out clearer and more and that the notes in harmonies are more capable of being heard and all the more effortlessly detectable.

Be that as it may, it likewise implies that the S6 Original does not have all that much bass to it, and for the individuals who need a more bluesy sound, it additionally implies that the guitar will miss the mark regarding your desires.

The sound is subjective; the individuals who like brighter, more energetic tones will love the S6 Original. The individuals who like more profound and wealthier tones will need to pass.

Importance Of The Saddle & Nut:

The Seagull S6 is the ideal illustration of how little points of interest –, for example, an acoustic guitar saddle and nut – can have a colossal effect on a guitar.saddle & nut

The S6 utilizes a Compensated Tusq by GraphTech. A seat which basically remunerates slightly on specific strings to enhance playability and tone on the guitar.

The vast majority most likely won’t see this at the first time. When you are going to change your strings you’ll see that the saddle grooves for different strings in different directions. This is something that is ordinary among first class guitars yet you now and again, if whenever, find on an Entry level guitar

Plugging In With Electronics:Seagull S6 Plugging in with Electronics

The Seagull S6 has the alternative for electronics guitar. Despite the fact that it’s less expensive to simply get the acoustic variant. The acoustic-electric variant of the S6 accompanies what they call the Quantum I, a restrictive outline for Seagull.

The hardware includes volume, bass and treble controls for a transducer situated in the saddle. A reward highlight that is turning out to be more basic these days is that there is an on-board tuner too.

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  • The cost is astounding for the guitar’s quality.
  • A weight-tested cedar top and domestic cherry wood sides, developed and constructed in Canada, make this guitar sound stunning.
  • An exceptionally, particular nut and saddle, qualities normally just seen in much more costly guitars.
  • A decreased headstock, which should make tuning easier and more steady, an astonishing pair of pros for learners.


  • Despite the fact that an issue of taste. This guitar is plain.
  • The neck is wide, making it fairly hard to grip for most players who’ve had involvement with thinner fretboards. For a beginner, it may, both would be similarly hard to get used to.
  • There are less expensive beginner guitars, with far less quality. Additionally so far less required money related duty. The inquiry to this con is: will you be a dedicated guitarist. Would you say you are simply giving it a shot?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: Is it a Martin guitar?

Answer: No

Question: Does it pair up to a Taylor?

Answer: No

Question: Is it the acoustic equivalent of a Gibson Les Paul?

Answer: No

But, it comes very close to any one of these, and at a fraction – a literal fraction – of their usual prices.

Final Verdict

The S6 offers beginner level players the opportunity to get as close as could be expected under the circumstances to a premium guitar feeling. Great overall performance, exceptional craftsmanship, and various grants won consistently. This guitar is perceived all through the world as one of the best mid-range starter alternatives.

The S6 is a definitive starter weapon that accompanies enormous worth for the cash proportion. The Seagull S6 Original is an agreeable six string jewel that will allow you to play effortlessly and settled. I hope this Seagull S6 Review will help you buying this guitar. Get a Seagull S6 and take it for a twist. I’ll bet it turns into a frequently used part of your guitar collection.

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