Martin Backpacker Guitar Review

Martin Backpacker Guitar Review

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a guitar that can be conveyed with when even you are on a visit? Here is my Martin Backpacker guitar review, the guitar is totally ideal for fulfilling this precise need.

Martin Backpacker Guitar Review:

Genuine guitar players play their guitars all the time notwithstanding when they’re out of the home. Notwithstanding, in case you’re on a tour of some place, you most likely don’t need the disadvantage of carrying around all that enormous overwhelming gear.


Martin Backpacker Guitar

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Regardless of the possibility that you’re going to simply bring your acoustic guitar so you can abstain from bringing an amp and wires, despite everything you’ll have to manage the massiveness of a dreadnaught guitar body. At this point, there is a solution comes from none other than the famous Martin guitar company.

As its name suggests, the Martin Backpacker guitar was planned as a travel guitar little enough to bring with you on an exploring trip or to fit in an aircraft overhead compartment. It is successful at both these undertakings, being both little and less weight. It even accompanies an exceptionally pleasant cushioned gig sack and a strap.


A general question in your mind can come when seeing a backpacker like is that a guitar?

The backpacker accomplishes its minimization by the righteousness of its unordinary body shape. What you’ll see in the Martin Backpacker guitar review is that it doesn’t resemble any acoustic guitar you’ve ever seen some time recently.

Actually, the body looks more like an augmentation of the neck than a customary guitar. A more intensive take a gander at the neck uncovers that the neck and body are, indeed, one bit of solid mahogany with the sound chamber processed out.

A solid sound wood top and mahogany base finish the body gathering. A light layer of completion leaves the Backpacker with an exposed wood feel. Planned considering the

Planned considering the traveling guitarist, the Backpacker components a meager body outline that grows somewhat toward the base to account for the guitar’s lower end tones. Despite the fact that there are numerous littler scale guitars available, none is intended for conveying ability as superbly as this one.

This small size will take some getting used to, yet this is a guitar you can actually bring with you anyplace without stressing over it acting as a burden. The main downside in the guitar’s little size is that it’s hard to hold the guitar on your lap in case you’re playing taking a seat, however, the Martin guitar strap that accompanies the guitar lightens this issue.

Body & neck:

While its astounding body shape of 35″ makes the guitar minimal, it does not make it hard to hold. The backpacker has an extremely playable neck of 24″ scale while compared to a standard acoustic guitar this one is smaller in size, yet not by much. Electric players will have no issue in it.Martin Backpacker Guitar body

The activity is set somewhat high for my tastes, likely most others as well. Following there is no truss pole for neck modification, Martin suggests replacing so as to change the activity the extension saddle with a shorter saddle.

The saddle is not stuck set up and Martin makes clear seats that you can buy consequently. The frets all are fitted well, yet most had harsh edges.

Disregarding the way that littler in size, this backpacker guitar is made by Martin and you can expect the same level of value that you would anticipate from any of their different models. This backpacker has a solid spruce top and tonewood sides and back.

It additionally has a 15-fret rosewood neck, pegged chrome tuners keep the guitar in good tune.

Martin Backpacker Guitar neck


From this little size guitar, you might not expect so much loud tone. All things considered, what amount of high volume can that little body really create?

Despite the fact that you shouldn’t expect the same level of volume you would anticipate from a full-size dreadnought, the Martin backpacker guitar does a have an awesome sound for a travel guitar. It’s little size additionally requires the utilization of light gauge strings which add to its general sound.

To my ears, the tone is dainty with qualities that look like those of a resonator guitar and even a banjo. This is a one of a kind tone that nobody will confuse for a full sized guitar. Be that as it may, for practice or outdoors trips, the tone is sufficient and surprisingly loud.

Truth be told, the Backpacker’s novel tone could be leeway to players searching for an alternate recording sound.

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  • Recommended by many people as a travel guitar
  • The best travel guitar with the budget
  • Good playability as its size
  • Designed for portability


  • May not sit on your lap like a standard guitar
  • You may need to wear a strap when playing
  • The headstock and tuners make this guitar top heavy a little
  • May want to rest your right arm against the body while playing to steady the guitar


Final Verdict

Martin is known for building awesome guitars, guitarists searching for a cheap, reduced travel gadget with a playable neck and acceptable tone can run with the Backpacker.
I hope this Martin Backpacker Guitar review has persuaded you that the Backpacker is the best travel guitar available there and help you buy this.

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