jackson js32 dinky dka-m guitar review

Jackson JS32 Dinky DKA-M Guitar Review

If you are like me, and looking for the shred-worthy guitar for the price, I can help! I went through the situation a couple of months ago. I found my choice after doing hours of research. I am writing my detailed experience on this, Jackson JS32 Dinky DKA-M Guitar Review.


Jackson JS32 Dinky DKA-M Guitar Review:

Generally, a nice guitar is that which is affordable and has a high level of playability. I had looked for a good one for months without avail. Fortunately, I got the solution thanks to extensive research that I conducted. I prepared a Jackson js32 dinky DKA-m review after looking at many brands of the JS Series.

Are you struggling to get a guitar that promises durability or that which gives you the music that you actually want? This should not worry you at all because all your woes can be solved by the Jackson Js32 series guitar. Let’s examine if the js32 guitar can fit in the shoes of the instrument that you are looking for.

I have analyzed the features and performance, and wrote my thoughts below.

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

  • Those who play the blues music
  • The funk, hard rock, and metals
  • Musicians with an interest in instrumentals

A Sturdy Speed Neck:

jackson js32 dinky dka-m neck

The guitar has a relatively straight neck with a light stain finish. This feature makes it easy for me to make changes of finger positions very fast and it contributes to the pace with which I play my music.

The neck is made of wood that is reinforced with graphite and that makes it sturdy and durable. Mind you, it is a 24 fret maple that ends up making the instrument have a nice visual touch.

A Maple Fret Board:

This board has nice Pearloidsharkfin inlays. It has a compound radius of 12″-16″ that binds the maple fingerboard nicely with 24 jumbo frets. The 1.62’’ width nut crowns the perplexing goodness of the fretboard. This constitutes the nice design that you always admire. The handling of the strings on this board is easy and that keeps me preparing new gigs every time.

The HH Configured Pickups:

The guitar is produced with relatively parallel and passive pickups. They have JE10 humbucking neck and a bridge that is fairly parallel to the body. There is no feature that works miracles like the bridge pickup. It simply deals with any heavy distortions through its heavy tone that cuts through the mix of the band hence making the whole music flow well as desired.

A Master Volume Control Layout:

jackson js32 dinky dka-m body

This includes the reliable 3-way pickup switch that the guitar has to offer in terms of control as you play your music. It produces clean tones in the middle position and every average musician enjoys this.

However, as you go up the neck pickup, the tone sounds a little hollow and tasteless. Moreover, the guitar has one volume and one tone. The headstock tuners that it has makes tuning and your music production to be easy.


It comes from the factory with a set of 9’ strings that are nicely supported on the body. However, the set may not be the most awesome for you at times and so you may change it. This is easy to perform because I managed to do it on my own Jackson js32. I strung a new set and it fitted nicely to give me the service that I currently praise.

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  • It has a firm hardware that makes it highly durable and reliable. You can produce music for quite a long time with this guitar.
  • It is easy to use
  • It has sturdy knobs and magnificent tuners and this makes producing music worryingly easy.
  • It has a licensed Floyd that is not easily knocked out of tune even with an increase of the note to then 5th level. This ensures quality.


  • The whammy bar holding the assembly of the guitar under the bridge can be loose after prolonged use. However, this can be easily rectified by tightening it again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Does the Js32 live up to its price?

  • No one will go for a commodity that doesn’t satisfy them. In this regard, the Jackson JS 32 is a good buy because it impresses all round. It doesn’t matter whether it is sonically or visually. Definitely, you will be tempted to go for it again in case yours is damaged completely.

Question: I have only seen the snow white model and I don’t like it. Do other colors of the guitar exist?

  • There are other models including the black one, amber and the transparent red model. If you want to know more about the models visit the affiliate link for the product on amazon.

Final Verdict

The Jackson js32 dinky-m guitar is as swift as a nice musician would like it to be. I find it a deadly tool in my music store because I enjoy every bit of the classic Jackson tone in my music every day.

Its price is pocket-friendly too. It is also composed of many upgraded features like the ceramic magnetic pickups and the Floyd. I will recommend this one ahead of any other JS Series guitar.

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