fender squier bullet strat guitar review

Fender Squier bullet Strat guitar review

Being a guitar enthusiast, I have experimented with a variety of guitars over the years. Of the various Squire Fender guitars that I have used, there is one that is still a favorite of mine. I am writing the Fender Squier bullet strat guitar review for you.


fender squier bullet strat guitar review

Fender Squier Bullet Strat Guitar Review:

Though the latter is not the best guitar on the market, it is a pretty decent starter guitar especially if you are short on funds.


Fender Squier Bullet Strat guitar-body

The laminated basswood body of the bullet strat is not too shabby, and neither is the rosewood fingerboard. Basswood is a low-cost alternative to alder and other woods used to make guitars.

Fortunately, it is difficult to tell the difference between Basswood and other guitar woods.

The Rosewood fingerboard, which has a radius of 241 millimeters, has an oily natural finish courtesy of rosewood’s natural oil.

The neck profile is c shaped to give the bullet strat vintage look while the headstock is the traditional Fender Trademarked Stratocaster, which is unique to Fender guitars.


Fender Squier Bullet Strat guitar-pickup

For a beginner guitar, the sound quality of the bullet is surprisingly great.

The guitar comes with 21 medium jumbo frets, a five-way switch, three single coil pickups and small gauge strings that allow for easy bending of notes.

The five-way switch gives you a variety of sounds to choose from while the three single coil pickups allow you to get feedback effects. The synchronized chrome tremolo allows you to create sharp and flat pitch disparities. On the other hand, the truss and rod and the tremolo’s adjustable saddles offer supreme playability.

Ease of use:

Fender Squier Bullet Strat guitar-top neck

This guitar has an oval shaped body and a c shaped neck profile, which make it ideal for players with small hands and comfortable for different playing styles respectively.

In regards to weight, the strat is a lightweight Fender that weighs a meager nine pounds. The bridge with a synchronized chrome tremolo combined with the five-way switching makes this guitar ideal for first-time players.

Furthermore, the three single coil pickups do not interfere with your playing while the five-way switch gives you control of the pickups. The plastic tuning pegs are not that impressive, and neither is the one-ply pickguard, but they are not too shabby either and you will get used to them.

However, if down the line you feel that the pegs are not that good, you can always change them.


The Bullet Strat is available in either HSS or SSS configuration. The latter features the traditional three single-coil pickup configuration while the former features a humbucking pickup in the bridge complemented by a single coil in the neck and mid position.

The traditional SSS configuration is ideal for playing a variety of styles while the HSS single coil configuration is known for its dynamic, articulate and bright tones. In general, the humbucking configuration offers a wide assortment of tones as well as crunchier sound and improved low end. Thus, the HSS configuration is preferred by many to the traditional SSS configuration.

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  • Great sound quality at a low price
  • Deep and perfect finish
  • Lightweight for easy playing
  • The black finish does not chip easily
  • Can make a variety of sounds
  • Can withstand live playing fairly well
  • Affordable beginner guitar


  • Bridge pickup can be noisy
  • Some users have complained of the hardware being dodgy

Final verdict

Fender is a trusted and reputed name in the guitar making industry. Thus, the quality of the Bullet Stratocaster from Fender is undisputed. Additionally, the Bullet Strat is the guitar of choice for many students and beginners and thus you get a guitar with a proven track record. In all honesty, very few other guitar models match up to the Bullet Strat’s value for money.

It is true that different guitars appeal to different people, and thus we might not have the same taste in guitars; however, if you want to buy best beginner guitar without having to spend a substantial amount of money, the Fender Squier Bullet Strat guitar is the best option available.

And since it is a beginner guitar, it comes with a host of accessories that you will need even after you upgrade to a more professional guitar. The bullet strat is the guitar you ought to be looking for if you are new to guitars.

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