Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar Review

Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar Review

Dean Vendetta XMT electric guitar is one of the best musical instruments available on a number of online shops all over the world.

Interestingly, there are other electric guitars, but not all of them is worth every penny. I am writing Dean vendetta XMT electric guitar review to remove your confusion.


Dean Vendetta XMT Electric guitar review

Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar Review:

For you to enjoy your hobby, you need to choose the gadget with the ideal features. Note that different musical devices come with different capabilities.

There are several reasons why should you choose Dean Vendetta XMT electric over the other types of electric guitars, including the need to have a device that can adapt to all forms of music, light weight, perfect tone and more.

If you love playing rock and metal, then Dean Vendetta is the right choice for you. There are two types of XMT brands: one with tremolo bar and one without.I highly recommend the XMT electric guitar with tremolo since it offers the best sounds that can move the crowd.

In addition, this guitar is ideal for users with a smaller budget. Here is an impartial Dean vendetta XMT electric guitar review. Read it through to know this product better. I highly recommend the XMT electric guitar with tremolo since it offers the best sounds that can move the crowd. In addition, this guitar is ideal for users with a smaller budget.

Body and Neck:

Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar-back nec

The body is made of mahogany or paulownia, which is a common wood in southeast Asia. Both mahogany and paulownia are well-known for the ideal sound properties.

In terms of price, paulownia is far much cheaper than mahogany. However, mahogany is respected for its uniform resonance regardless of the varying elements of weather. If you cannot afford to buy the guitar made of mahogany, then the one molded from paulownia is perfect make for you.

The XMT is also characterized by a bolt-on maple neck with a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard. One of the excellent highlights of this guitar is the presence of tremolo bar. The vintage style tremolo can cover the complete range of whammy action whether you choose full on dive bombing or subtle wobble effects.


I was surprised by the light weight of this guitar. No musician or artist will be comfortable with a guitar that is heavy. The lesser the weight the better.

Heavy musical instruments can influence the quality of resonance. Furthermore, lighter gadgets are easy to carry around, unlike the heavy counterparts. Because of its light, you can dance on stage while playing this guitar with ease.


Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar-body

The Dean XMT comes with a 10 watt Dean M10 Amplifier with bass, treble and middle, and allows you to select your level of distortion, which enables you to have full control over the sounds.

This is not common, but very welcome in starter pack amp, which has on/off button as an added advantage.

This package offers a musician an opportunity to choose a wide range of sounds than other similar amps at this price range.

In addition to amp package, it has a boost key or switch to further push the sound to higher levels. It is also equipped with headphone to ensure that you practice without bothering the neighbors and family.


The black hardware gives the product a nice touch and feel. In addition, it adds to the general rock appearance, which can be enticing. But do not mistake this to mean that this guitar cannot play other music styles. With this metallic finish, you find yourself the right axe which is not only suitable for veterans, but also novices.


  • Solid Paulownia or mahogany body and top
  • Scale measures 25.5”
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Black hardware
  • Tune-o-Matic bridge
  • Dean pickups
  • Maple neck
  • Die cast tuners
  • 2 high output humbucking
  • Vintage tremolo bridge

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  • Feels soft to use
  • It is less costly
  • Good looking
  • Can play a wide range of sounds
  • Lighter than other guitar models


  • It is available in limited range of colors
  • It can go out of tune

Final Verdict

This gadget never stops to amaze me. While playing Dean Vendetta, you will notice that the sound and playability is perfect. The choice of the hardware is extraordinary and gives the guitar a killer look. If you are starting out, this guitar is just the right thing for you. Since it is extremely light, it can be played by children under the age of 12 without having to strain. In fact, it is worth what you pay for.

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