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10 Best Classical Guitars 2020 – Selected by Pro-Guitarist

The classical guitar is the most beautiful musical instrument in the world. I’m glad you have discovered the classical guitar because I could be your lifetime companion and an excellent way to find focus and beauty in this complex modern world.

Classical guitars are expressive and physically very intimate with our hands and body. To me, they represent and experimentation and an exploration of the human genius.

Most people believe classical guitars are boring, but the truth is, they are great. Even greater than the electric and steel guitars.

One cannot hide behind sound effects and distortions; it is you and your fingers. It is pure magnificence at its most raw, natural nature. So, to remove any beliefs or opinion that classical guitar is boring and old, I’ve put together a list of reasons you should consider investing in one.

Classical guitars are also known as Spanish, or nylon string guitars, and originate from Spain. They have a mellower and tinier body as compared to their steel counterparts.

When looking for a real classical guitar consider the quality of the material used to make it. Look for one that has soundboards of spruce or cedar because they have the best sound.

At one time, classical guitars were a serious investment whose top quality was only produced through labor intensive handcrafting.

Recommended Best Classical Guitars


You are most likely to be informed if you can acquire any of the classical guitars from the most reliable sellers. I will, therefore, offer some recommendations on what I believe are some of the best classical guitars available.

1. Yamaha C40 Gig Maker

Yamaha C40 GigMaker Classical Acoustic Guitar PackageYamaha is in no doubt one of the best producers of high end, top notch classical guitars and always never disappoints. Not much has changed with the Yamaha C40 GigMaker. Most music lovers have begun to refer to it as the best beginner guitar.

The Yamaha C40 gig maker is an amazing instrument. It has a beautiful Indonesian Mahogany sides & back, stylish chrome tuners, and a Javanese Rosewood fretboard with a Spruce top.

The good thing about the C40 is that it is a very affordable guitar, and delivers value that Yamaha assures. It is extremely hard to get guitars with brilliant tone and fantastic playability at such a low price.

The creators have put serious thought into creating this guitar; it is one of the most compact guitars on the market, making it a perfect instrument for beginners. It is not easy to obtain qualities like that with guitars on the market at such a low price.


  • Easy to play
  • Beautiful
  • Great sound
  • Fun to play


  • Delicate to handle
  • Goes off tune easily

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2. Cordoba C5 Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

The Cordoba c5 is easy to play and therefore ideal for beginners and learners. Therefore, if you are an aspiring classical guitarist then read on.

The Cordoba C5 molded and is designed like an hourglass body with a Canadian Cedar top. It has got Coated mahogany at the back and sides adding to the visual charm of the guitar.

Weighing a paltry 3.8 pounds, the Cordoba C5 is one of the lightest guitars around. It also comes with a nut width of 52 millimeters and also hands designed headstock and rosewood fingerboard, this is a characteristic classical guitar.

The c5 sound quality is exceptional considering its price. The thinner cinder top paired with the fan bracing pattern produce a loud and responsive sound. When played at the sound hole, the C5 provides a warm and bright sound and tone. Additionally, the all wood inlaid rosette adds to the C5’s excellent sound quality.

The fan bracing is made to provide the guitar a loud sound as it gives the middle of the sound hole with a large surface are to shake and respond to the string’s tightness.

The factory setting of this guitar is excellent for a beginner. The high action permits you to play the small frets with no difficulties. As you progress, you can change the action to get to the upper frets. The C5 has a light truss and rod.

This guitar also has full string arrangement and smooth string tension, perfect for beginners.


  • Great sound
  • Good size
  • Easy to learn
  • Lightweight


  • Easily tunes off
  • Majors on beginner needs

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3. Cordoba C3m Classical Guitar

Cordoba C3M Classical GuitarFounded in 1997 Cordoba have solely focused on producing only the highest quality and expensive classical guitars. A good example for this is their excellent Iberia series.

The Cordoba C3m Classical Guitar is one of many best players in their line.

This nylon stringed Marvel is handcrafted classical guitar which shouts of value. If you are interested in an affordable instrument with admirable qualities; Cordoba C3m Classical Guitar is one of the finest you can come across on today’s market.

The C3M is simple, fashionable and spectacular – a musical instrument that can stay with you for a long time especially if it’s your first.

The guitar’s body features a top made of cedar and an inlaid rosette wrapped around its sound hole. Its side and back made of natural mahogany with a beautiful satin finish. Its GIT is covered by Spanish 7 braced construction.

The Cordoba c3m serious guitar tone of the wood allows for a high sustained and sound quality. Its neck is designed of Nato wood and hosts the rosewood fingerboard – armed with 19 frets and a 2-inch full nut.

It’s hardware only adds quality all over its construction. There is a bone saddle at its bottom that supports its rosewood bridge system, and on the other side, features the git’s six nickel tuning machines on top of the headstock. Both the instruments hardware ends keep its strings in check, giving it precise intonation.

In the sound area, the c3m does an excellent job. Its tones are rich and warm and bright when compared to other classical guitars of the same price. This sound stays in tune and gives good resonance and sustain when held and played correctly.

If you are already a guitar student, or just aspiring to become one, I recommend this instrument more. Because it is a beautiful guitar that packs an excellent tonal spectrum that is capable of entertaining you for many years.


  • Enjoyable to play
  • Great size
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful


  • Finish has a weird smell

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4. Hohner Hc06 Classical Nylon String Guitar

I will not blame you if you have never heard of the Hohner Hc06 classical nylon string guitar. Because it is not easy to recognize it in the middle of a competitive classical guitar market, that so often dominate huge names in the music instruments industry.

These tools were first manufactured in Europe, and have a long history of producing high-quality, durable instruments for over a century.

This magnificent instrument lets off a sweet classic tone whether you are just sampling it or playing its nylon strings. Designed for high-quality wood combination giving it all the attributes of a Hohner A+ advantage (a standard accepted for all of Hohner’s student’s instruments).

The Hohner Hc06 Classical Nylon String Guitar body is manufactured using a spruce top and catalpa sides. And its back is designed with a natural high gloss finish. Its size and shape allow for players to use it comfortably and also allow for easy access to its neck and upper frets.

Its neck is manufactured using mahogany on a scale of 25 and a half inches. The rosewood fingerboard is attached to its neck and hosts 18.5 frets while its neck and body join at the 12th fret.

Hohner Hc06 Classical Nylon String Guitar hardware highlights its manufactures attention to detail while making their students instruments; this ensures quality and positive learning experience of unmatched proportions in the beginner market segment. It’s excellent string stability and intonation is brought by the GIT 3 in 1 chrome plated tuning machines placed on its headstock and rosewood bridge system.

The instrument construction sports an exceptional string action at an optimal level; this minimizes fret buzz while improving playability. Playability further enhanced by its light gauge nylon strings; that enable easy finger picking.

Its tuners are of high quality, and its bridge allows a stable string vibration transmission resulting in excellent sustain and rich tones.  This instrument lists the values of good, warm and mellow tones, which serve as the threshold of quality in its price range.


  • Gorgeous
  • Easy for kids to play
  • Cheap
  • Awesome sound


  • Not ball end

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5. La Patrie Guitar Etude

La Patrie Guitar Etude features a full body size that is responsive due to the feather-light lacquer finish. It has an excellent dynamic range producing a harmonically rich sound that is usually found in guitars many times expensive.

La Patrie Guitar Etude made of a solid cedar top(from cedar trees that are about 800 years old), and mahogany back and sides, neck and rosewood fretboard, gold tuners wit petaloid buttons, rosewood bridge with a saddle, Quantum 1 electronics completed with a semi-gloss satin finish.

The solid cedar tops used to make these guitars have got straight, tight grain that gives them strength in the direction of the string and also flexible across grain lines. This flexibility and rigidity give the top its characteristics. The most crucial element of the instruments sound is the vibration if its top.

LaPatrie guitars completed with a special lacquer formula.  This finish is light and allows the wood to vibrate freely. The guitars high resonating capability increases as the guitar plays over a long time.

This steady improvement in the response of the top of the instrument repeatedly is referred to as aging. Poly finishes hinder high vibration and never used on these devices. A variety of other guitars utilizes a thick plastic finish which smothers the high vibration and blocks the benefits of aging.

Classical guitars of yesteryears made with thick neck dimensions; this supported a certain amount of neck stability. This feature made playing certain tones difficult. It is because of this reason that attention targeted the neck design of Lapatrie guitars.

Neck with as well as string spacing adheres to traditional standards, but with a new truss rod the profile of the neck reduced, this has the effect of producing a comfortable neck while increasing stability. Lapatrie necks derived from Honduran mahogany. All La Patria instruments have a rosewood fingerboard and bridge.


  • Well built
  • High-quality control
  • It is all wood


  • Not very loud
  • Tuning machines not so good

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6. Stagg C530 3/4-Size Nylon String Classical Guitar

The Stagg C530 3/4-Size Nylon String Classical Guitar Is perfect for children around 7-11 years old who are beginning to learn guitar.

This guitar is smaller than regular guitars. The C530 fitted with nylons which provide a softer experience to children’s fingers as compared to steel ones while not compromising on tone quality.

The body of this guitar is manufactured from basswood and has a solid maple bridge and fretboard that give it a natural appearance with a high gloss finish. The Stagg C530 3/4-Size Nylon String Classical Guitar is an excellent low priced guitar that offers a fantastic way to introduce children to guitar.


  • Fun to play
  • Good size for kids especially
  • Easy to learn
  • Lightweight


  • Needs time for strings to stretch for great tuning

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7. Hola! Music Hg-36gls Guitar

Hola! Music Hg-36gls had continually moved along its traditional path of producing excellent, sturdy instruments that are cheap in comparison to other devices that have the same features.

Due to its small size the Hola! Music Hg-36gls is the perfect tool for persons with little hands or young guitarist.

When you decide to go on a trip but you are low on space, yet you want to make some music this little design will come in handy.

This instrument has a natural satin finish that is pleasing to the eye. And above all, it is of high quality and affordable.


  • Appealing to the eyes
  • Nice size
  • Not heavy
  • Incredible sound


  • Goes offtune
  • Can be expensive

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8. Yamaha CGS103A 3/4 Size Classical Guitar

The Yamaha CGS103A is the most appropriate guitar for young beginners. Its shape and feel make it very suitable for elementary children of up to 6th grade. This classic guitar has a scale length of nearly 23 inches and the body depth of about 4 inches.

It serves an excellent transitional instrument for young musicians who are ready to start using full-sized tools. Yamaha Cgs103a has a good spruce influence tone, easily handled by any player due to its size. Starts down the musical path with the Yamaha Cgs103a.


  • Excellent for a beginner
  • Good size
  • Easy to play
  • Perfect sound


  • Takes time for strings to produce perfect tune
  • Expensive to maintain

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9. Lucero Lc100 Classical Guitar

The Lucero LC 100 classical guitar is the first catalog in the Lucero line. It features a classically shaped body that has a cutaway design. Is comes in gloss finish ebony color which is the only color option available.

Lucero Lc100 Classical Guitar back and side panels are designed using mahogany, while its top is manufactured using laminated spruce.

Laminated woods save money saving for the manufacturer and the player. If manufactured well, these guitars nearly have the same features just like the solid wood acoustics.

Its top panel is covered in a black binding and adorned with a white rosette. The bridge on this guitar made of a standard rosewood.

It features no electronics, and its neck is manufactured using mahogany and topped using a rosewood fingerboard. The Lucero Lc100 Classical Guitar boasts of flat radius, 919 frets and has no inlays and a 1.6875-inch wide string nut complete the fingerboard.


  • Inexpensive
  • Perfect for beginner
  • Fun to play


  • Top scratches easily
  • Can go offtune

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10. Cordoba C7 CD Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

And finally, the Cordoba C7 Cd is a long player in the cordobas product line. It is an improvement of the C5 that features a solid Canadian Cedar top complete with a mahogany back and side.

The C7 gives guitarists the freedom to choose between a solid Canadian cedar top or a solid European spruce top that combines with a rosewood back and sides.

The Cordoba C7 guitars feature fan bracing pattern, which offers the center of the soundboard additional surface area to shake and respond to the tightness of the strings. The more reactive soundboard makes the guitar louder providing better tone.

The Cordoba C7 Cd is an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate guitarists. It also includes a hand inlaid wooden rosette, natural high gloss finish, rosewood binding, fingerboard, and bridge.


  • Stage ready
  • Beautiful
  • Quality tone


  • Has a buzz problem

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Things to Consider When Buying Best Classical Guitars

A classical guitar is an investment that has the potential to offer you a lifetime of pleasure, and you should think through the purchase carefully.

Whether you play the play the guitar every day or not, always consider buying an instrument of good quality for it to maintain an excellent sound quality for a long time.

To do this, you only need to understand how to look for a well-made guitar. Here are several things you should remember when purchasing a classical guitar.

Consider Your Size And Shape

People come in different forms, and sizes so do classical guitars. Therefore, when you go shopping for a classic guitar, you should hold them and get a feel to find which is comfortable to you.

Your body shape and size has an effect on the sound quality, if you happen to be over six feet tall go for a larger guitar that is comfortable in your hands. Sit and hold the guitars to get a get a sense of how they feel.

Examine The Mechanics Of The Guitar

Pay attention for frets that do not play correctly. Faulty ones will give a rattling sound, simply put it aside and try another one.Rattling noise is a sign of poor quality. Every string should play neatly on every single fret.

Test The Frets

You should effortlessly play all the bar chords. If you use too pressure on the strings to produce a sound, this could be a sign of a lower quality guitar.

Play harmonics on the strings

Pluck the note with your right hand and lightly touch the string with your left hand. Test the line on the 5th, 7th, 12th, and 19th frets. Poor quality guitars will not play smoothly.

Check And Test The Tuning Pegs

Are they clean and sharp? Try to wind and unwind them while observing and feeling for smooth turning motion.

Visually Inspect The Whole Guitar

Examine it very carefully from top to bottom and front to back. Check to see if there are any small cracks and where the frets are firmly attached to the fretboard.  Also, check for any cracks or glue visible around the bridge.

Tap On The Front Of The Guitar In Different Spots

Does it have a rich resonating sound or there are areas where it looks dead and limp? The internal arrangement of the classical guitar is very vital for the tone and significant for the durability of it. Dull thud noises could be an indicator of a weak instrument.

Study The Details

Examine the purfling around the edge. Purlfing is the adorned pattern that goes around the body at the point where the face meets the sides of the guitar.

Check whether it’s placed inaccurately. If this has deviations and discrepancies, it is a sign that the guitar is of substandard quality.

Finally, Take A Look At The Guitar Sound Hole

You will observe wooden braces in there. Check if they are straight, accurate and well placed. If you see sloppy globs of dried out glue around these braces, it could be a sign of inferior craftsmanship.

Final Verdict

Knowledge in classical guitar is not boring as most people would say, the equipment used might be of yesteryears but the music these instruments produce never dies.

When looking for a real classical guitar the quality of the material used to manufacture it should be your primary consideration.  Search for instruments made of cedar or spruce since they tend to produce the best sound.

Regardless of which guitar you finally settle for choosing, remember it is referred to as a nylon string guitar for a reason. Classical guitars are built using softer wood that cannot measure to the tension steel strings put on joints, therefore trying to fit it with steel strings will destroy the instrument.

There are many guitars out in the market which can be very frustrating and confusing especially if you are interested in a real classical guitar. New brands are coming up every year.

Therefore, transform your musical talent by using any of these instruments. We have discussed the top brands and filtered out the excellent from the not so good ones so that you can easily judge the best one that fits you.

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