Best Acoustic Strings 2020 – Comparison & Buyer Guide

Do you get overwhelmed whenever you enter a guitar store in search of best acoustic strings for you? Well, you are not alone. The truth is, choosing the best strings for your acoustic guitar is not easy, especially if you are new to guitar playing.

Fortunately, I have some tips that will be of great help in your search for the best acoustic strings. But before we get started it is important to note, the term best acoustic string is subjective. In this regard, what will work for you might not work for another guitar player.

8 Best Acoustic Strings - Comparison

Here is the best acoustic strings comparison, that will help you to choose your acoustic guitar strings.


Best Acoustic Strings



Check Price

D’Addario EJ16-3D


Phosphor Bronze

D’Addario EJ17-3D


Phosphor Bronze

Elixir Light Nanoweb



Elixir Strings NANOWEB


Phosphor Bronze

Martin M140



Ernie Ball 2150 Extra Slinky


Phosphor Bronze


Phosphor Bronze

Ernie Ball 2148 Super Slinky



Popular Acoustic Strings Brand reviews

Just like with all other products, your personal preference and taste matters when choosing guitar strings. Thus, the best acoustic strings for you will depend on your tonal preference as well your brand preference. The most popular guitar strings brands are D’Addario, Martin, Elixir and Ernie Ball.

1. D’Addario


D’Addario is known for its phosphorus bronze strings. The company has constructed a stone strong notoriety with the assembling of the most noteworthy quality.

They keep all their generation in the USA to ensure all the quality models are taken after.

The company is celebrated for offering warm, brilliant and adjusted tone and their EXP Covered Arrangement are dragging out the lifetime of their items to as much as five times.

D’Addario are particularly outlining their string machines for themselves so they are utilizing innovation that no other company can get its hands on. The dedication and the energy that drives the brand are interminable and the greater part of this prompted in front of the rest of the competition as best acoustic guitar strings producer.

2. Elixir


Elixir is famous for its Nanoweb coated strings. They never settle for something that they accomplished or made and they continue designing and consummating their product offerings with no arrangements to stop at any point in the near future.

The organization is exceptionally pleased with its string covering innovation and the long tone lifetime that they can accomplish on account of it. The covering shields the string from any undesirable outside components and makes it last up to five times as since quite a while ago contrasted with an ordinary one.

Both the Phosphor Bronze and the plain Bronze arrangement are utilizing the Nanoweb Coating Technology and you can appreciate the awesome tone and long life in the meantime with no extra give up. As indicated by deals reports Elixir is still the pioneer in offering best acoustic guitar strings however D’Addario are near them.

3. Martin


Martin is the preferred brand for players looking for a big and versatile tone.

The firm that manufactures guitars as well used its guitar client base to evaluate the efficiency of its guitar strings, a strategy that has proven effective.

Martin is one of the best two-guitar brands on the planet, most likely about it and when they began making their own particular acoustic strings they were vigorously depending on their fan base to bolster and purchase their new items.

This ended up being an effective technique that helped Martin significantly enhance the nature of their strings and now regardless of the fact that they are not offering guitars, they would even now be one of the best brands to purchase best acoustic strings from.

They have six diverse acoustic strings arrangement and every one of them is made for particular players with particular needs. The Marquis (M), SP and Lifespan SP appear to be the most prevalent ones that get more consideration contrasted with the other three.

The SP string is the general arrangement that offers enormous tone adaptability and they are focusing on the easygoing players that switch styles and classifications as per his state of mind.

The Lifespan arrangement is an update of the SP and as the name recommend they are the substantial hitter of Martin that ought to last no less than three-four times longer. The Marquis arrangement is artistic work strings that are made for cutting edge guitarists and experts.

4. Ernie Ball

Ernie Ballis known for its electric guitar strings; however, the company also manufactures acoustic guitar strings of good quality.

Of the three manufacturers mentioned, Ernie Ball is the cheapest brand.

Thus, if you are on a strict budget, Ernie Ball is the brand to settle on. No other manufacturer within Ernie Ball’s price range produces strings of a better quality.

Thus, if you are looking for affordable strings but do not want to compromise on quality, Ernie Ball is the brand for you. Different manufacturers produce strings ideal for different playing styles and tones.

For example, Ernie Ball’s Earthwood series of strings are popular among lovers of old rock and classical blues while Martin’s Marquis Series of strings is designed for advanced professional guitar players.

Which String Gauge Works For You

The term gauge is used in reference to the thickness of guitar strings measured in inches. The gauge or thickness of guitar strings ranges from 0.08 to 0.60 inches. If you tend to break strings often when playing, then light strings of between 0.08 and 0.47 inches thick will not do for you.

Strings of medium thickness will work better for you; however, if the string breaking persists try strings of higher thickness probably 0.13 to 0.56 inches.It is recommended that you change the strings on your guitar shortly after purchase as most manufacturers put light strings to save on costs.

Heavy strings are harder to play compared to lighter strings.Thus, if you are new to guitar playing, light or medium strings will be a better option. Additionally, if you are a finger picker light strings will work better for you but if you are a strummer, then you need heavier strings.

Thus, if you are new to guitar playing, light or medium strings will be a better option. Additionally, if you are a finger picker light strings will work better for you but if you are a strummer, then you need heavier strings.

Guitar Type, Size, And Shape

Acoustic guitar strings are designed to used acoustic guitars only. Therefore, it would be disastrous to put electric or classic guitar strings on your acoustic guitar. The reason being that electric and classic guitars are designed to withstand tension different from that set for acoustic guitars.

If you are using a small guitar, it is recommended that you get lighter gauge strings than if you are using a large guitar. Moreover, medium gauge strings will work best with dreadnought style guitars while concert style guitars will work better with light strings.

You can try out different gauge strings to determine the gauge that works best for your guitar, the one thing you are not to do is to put electric guitar strings on your acoustic guitar or classical guitar as that will damage your instrument.

The age of a guitar will also influence the type of strings you ought to purchase. A vintage guitar will work best with lighter strings. This is because the tension of heavier string may damage a frail vintage guitar.

The String Material

One of the questions you are bound to be asked when shopping for guitar strings is the type of strings you want. Unknown to some, the material used to make guitar strings will affect string tone and durability.

As such, while bronze strings produce a bright ringing tone, brass strings produce a jangly metallic tone. On the other hand, steel and silk strings produce a soft mellow tone. Bronze tend to oxidize quickly which means that bronze strings are less durable compared to steel or brass strings.

However, if you want to use bronze strings without having to replace them constantly consider phosphorous bronze strings. The latter made by bronze and phosphor that makes them more durable to other strings.

Apart from the phosphor, aluminum is also used to extend the lifespan of bronze strings. Aluminum bronze strings have more clarity than phosphorous bronze strings.

Some manufacturers, a prime example being Elixir produce polymer coated strings that are impervious to corrosion. In regards to material, it will depend on what you think works for you.

Coated VS Uncoated Strings

Thanks to advancements in technology, manufacturers are today able to produce coated strings. But are coated strings better than normal uncoated ones. The answer to such a question depends on your personal preference.

However, it is important to note that manufacturers such as Elixir coat. Their strings to protect them from corrosion caused by finger oils and other elements. If you use guitar often, then coated strings will work better for you. But if you do not use your guitar on a regular basis, then normal uncoated strings will do just fine.

In regards to price, coated strings cost more than uncoated strings. Thus, if you are prepared and willing to incur the extra cost. Then there is no reason you to buy coated strings. If you are on a budget, uncoated strings save you money.

Unfortunately, coating affects the quality of sound produced by guitar strings. The upside is that only an experienced professional player. That will notice the difference in quality between coated and uncoated guitar strings.

Final Word

In conclusion, it is difficult to find the perfect guitar strings for your acoustic guitar with the first try. It is advisable to experiment with different guitar strings. Before settling on one type of strings that you feel works best for you.

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