Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 in 2017- Guide & Review

Everyone loves music. Notably, everyone loves the sound of strings and acoustics. Most of the time, we get attached to how creatively musical instruments have been used in a song, forgetting the real deal, the message.

The musical instruments enthusiasts will clearly point out various instruments used in a song. Guilty as charged, I love distinguishing different types of guitars used in a song, from bass to acoustic guitars, or lead to distant guitars. Without the breathtaking strings sounds, music would be a bunch of noise to my ears.

Recommended The Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

In this article, I will take you through the best and highly reviewed acoustic guitars under 1000. These guitars are definitely what you have been looking for the entire time. Vintage designs, built with modern technology and materials, the woodwork, the sturdiness, the energy; you are going to love this.

(1) Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar

Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar

Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar is the best guitar of all times. I highly recommend this guitar for learners. It offers simple and awesome playability. What impresses me a lot about this guitar is its design.

It is constructed in such a manner that the strings have a wider spacing.  When finger-picking, the wider spacing between the strings makes it easy and enjoyable. In fact, I learned how to finger pick faster using this guitar.

I am confident that Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar has been a great motivation to me. I never knew I would learn to fingerpick so fast and without straining. What attracted my attention is the gorgeousness of the guitar.

It is constructed with Rosewood fingerboard. I love the richness of sound and the magnification that I get, thanks to the rosewood. The top, backs and sides is solid.

This does not only improve the quality of sound by a greater magnitude but also gives perfect projection and clarity of sounds. Chords are depicted so well that you will not get tired playing various types of music.

The exterior of Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar is outstanding. In fact, it catches your attention so fast you will just want to buy it regardless of its specifications. The natural vintage color brings out the traditional masterpiece in it.

The top backs and sides are solid, giving the guitar an expensive and high-quality flavor on both sound and construction. The backs and sides are made of mahogany give the guitar its stability and sturdiness.

Besides, mahogany contributes to the sound produced since it is known to absorb some of the overtones and release a clear, smooth tone. The soundboard is made of hand-selected cedar that gives the guitar is high and distinct quality. Among other desirable qualities, the casing is strong, beautiful and of high quality.

You will love the look of your guitar even after 50 years of tough work. When it comes to playability, Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar has received great reviews worldwide.

Most guitarists are happy about how the guitar is constructed to produce such nice sounds and tones. The guitar provides fast and easy action. Inherently, a long-lasting stability is provided.

For this, I would give credit to the mahogany in the design and construction. Having used it for a while now, I would totally recommend it to individuals or artists who would want to play songs or music with warmer or deeper tones. Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar is the best guitar for you.


  • Nice case storage
  • Vintage design
  • Rich and balanced sounds
  • Beautiful vintage exterior
  • Easy finger picking due to wider string spacing


  • Heavyweight
  • Expensive
  • Easily scratched

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(2) Yamaha L-Series LL16R Acoustic-Electric Guitar

 Yamaha L-Series LL16R Acoustic-Electric Guitar

I serenaded my wife recently after a small fight that we had, and the whole neighborhood was up in applauses. She opened the window and smiled, and I was confused.She rarely lets go easily, women.

She teasingly made fun of the situation, claiming that the only thing that made her open the window was the charming sounds of the strings. The sound was well projected.

Among the other musical instruments such as the violin and trumpets that we used, you could clearly and uniquely hear the sweet and flamboyant sounds of the guitar. In this case, it was the only guitar that we used, but you would not notice, given its vigor and oomph.

Indeed, Yamaha L-Series LL16R Acoustic-Electric Guitar depicts quality sound which is well intensified. It entails high-quality pick-ups for epic stage performance.  The strings are tough enough to withstand any vigor.

Its sustains sound so melodically you would want to play blues only. I wound say; this is a friendly guitar, depicted on its easiness to play. As a guitar expert, I find its slim neck so easy to maneuver on all strings and across frets easily.

And for spotless articulation and a crisp tone, I would go for Yamaha L-Series LL16R Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Having used various types of acoustic guitars, I would bet that Yamaha L-Series LL16R Acoustic-Electric Guitar is one of my favorites.

I just don’t get over with playing it. In some way, it inspires me and brings out the best of my playability. I would give credit to its construction. The acoustic guitar gives me a rare feeling of a pro.

The bold acoustic sound that is excellently projected and remarkably balanced is earned from the solid Engelmann spruce. Acoustic Resonance Enhancement also treats the Engelmann spruce top.

For those who do not know, Acoustic Resonance Enhancement is an original wood reforming technology developed by Yamaha. I mean, Yamaha Manufacturers are awesome, they know what you want.

They are guitar geniuses. With the well-researched and high technology used in the construction of Yamaha L-Series LL16R Acoustic-Electric Guitar, I would want nothing else but this.

Yamaha L-Series LL16R Acoustic-Electric Guitar’s beauty is magnificent. It comes in different colors too. It has a unique shape elaborated with pretty mother of pearl inlays. The sides and back are made of rosewood.

The tone that comes out is well-rounded and balanced from low to high. The neck is slim and comfortable to play with it.


  • High-quality pick-ups
  • Quality sound
  • Balanced powerful sound
  • Excellent sound projection
  • Easy to play
  • Durable casing


  • Expensive
  • Too loud
  • Hectic to carry due to a hard casing

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(3) Blueridge BR-160 Dreadnought Guitar

Blueridge BR-160 Dreadnought Guitar

Blueridge BR-160 Dreadnought Guitar is the ultimate acoustic guitar to die for. The sound it produces alone deserves all your pennies. I give credit to its construction. It is so sturdy, thanks to the Indian Rosewood fingerboard, back, and sides.

There are some reasons why I would starve myself to afford acoustic guitar built of Indian rosewood. The chief reason is smooth playability.

The Indian Rosewood Fingerboard gives me a refined, smooth playability; you will fall for the harmonious rhythms it produces.

With the deep bass and strong cutting power, you will confuse it for a tuned electric guitar. The Indian rosewood also contributes to the desirable complex tone in the instrument.

On the construction, the slim mahogany neck is all you can wish for. The neck offers fast and easy action. In addition, I applaud the mahogany for the strength and stability that adds on the neck.

Besides, the adjustable truss rod on the neck are great, purposely to maintain a flawless alignment. If you are a lead or rhythm player like me, you will agree that Blueridge BR-160 Dreadnought Guitar has a Modern improvement in playability and construction.

Power and clarity is on point. The superior vintage look is breathtaking. I store my Blueridge BR-160 Dreadnought Guitar in the living room because it adds to the cool interior of the room.

When visitors come over, they are first attracted to the instrument and most of them always want to learn how to play. They may even forget about their agendas of visiting and thirst to play.

The tortoise-style pick guard amazingly adds to the vintage look. I love the desired furnish that the guitar gives. It is so lavish. Of course what I pride myself most concerning Blueridge BR-160 Dreadnought Guitar is the quality.

You will not miss recognizing the expensive outlook it gives, amazingly, it is not that expensive as you think. It is so affordable, in regards to beginners and amateurs. As I would recommend it for beginners and amateurs, do not think I consider it less for professionals.

Professional guitarists will love this. Talk about it being slim, with fast playing necks and easy action, makes.  Add the forward shifted X-brace pattern for the top.

Finish with the great tone produces that take after the old masterpieces. Man, all the guitar experts will kill you to know where you identified Blueridge BR-160 Dreadnought Guitar


  • Fast and easy action
  • Beautiful and vintage look
  • Rich tones and sounds
  • Constructed with desired traditional features such as shifted X- brace pattern on the top
  • Best quality construction for durability


  • Not sold with case
  • Easily scratched

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(4) Alvarez Artist Series AD60 Dreadnought Guitar

Alvarez Artist Series AD60 Dreadnought Guitar

All experts and lovers for acoustic guitars will agree with me that Alvarez Artist Series AD60 Dreadnought Guitar is the oxygen in the world of acoustics.

Chords are so amazing. Sharper and clearest high tones, deeply adorable bass, mid tones are superb. I usually let my son strum the guitar then at a distant; I breathe in the musical and ecstatic air. I will tell you; this is where my energy comes from.

Talking of energy, Alvarez Artist Series AD60 Dreadnought Guitar is compactly designed to bring out the best of its energy. Tuners are held firmly hence the sound produced is not altered at all. Tuning is easy too.

You can imagine having loose tuners that make it hard to adjust the sounds; you will bang your guitar on the floor.

The neck is smooth sanded, epic right? It is so easy to play. The components incorporated for the construction of this acoustic guitar are made of natural materials. This rings some best ever quality in your mind. Indeed, you are right.

Mother of pearl and abalone inlays, real bone saddles and nuts and rosewood inclusions and mahogany necks are the constituents that collaboratively bring out the oomph in the guitar.

My fellow guitar experts will agree that these are the components that we first point out whenever we are purchasing a guitar.

What is so indisputable about Alvarez Artist Series AD60 Dreadnought Guitar is its beauty. The woodwork polish with mother of pearl and abalone inlays brings out the vintage design. Its soundboard also looks great.

You can depend on its toughness and sturdiness for a refined, powerful and rich tone. The overall sophisticated and polished woodwork brings out a smooth and lavish guitar that is worth all the attention.

You can enjoy the vigor of the guitar for a very long time. Indeed, it is strong enough to last for decades. Good news is, it comes with a lifetime limited warranty. The better news is, with the credible and trustworthy manufacturers, you cannot wait to get another Alvarez Artist Series, believe me.

You will never regret purchasing this guitar. To your advantage, you can use it anywhere; at the studio, concerts, church or home among other places that you wish.

Its power and sound intensification can be depended on. You will only understand its awesomeness after getting yourself one.


  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Easy to play
  • Durable due to good wood polish
  • Beautiful exterior of a vintage look
  • Durable casing


  • Easily scratched
  • Expensive

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(5) Washburn Vintage R320SWRK Acoustic Guitar

Washburn Vintage R320SWRK Acoustic Guitar

When you strum or pluck it right, Washburn Vintage R320SWRK Acoustic Guitar gives youGoosebumps. The chills, feeling of greatness.The energy cannot be described with words.

Energy only described by power, clarity of sounds and harmonious sound projection offered by the guitar.

For finger pickers, this is definitely the real deal. First, the neck is silky and slim with well-fitting strings on the fret-board. This makes playing and maneuvering across all frets and chords as easy as counting one to five.

Indeed, am impressed with the comfortable neck, which made me so happy and relaxed beyond my expectation. This has been enhanced by the ebony fingerboard and bridge. I am assured of a durable and stable neck of all times.

I am overwhelmed with the modern techniques used to design the guitar. The hardwood construction makes it worth every coin. The solid spruce top provides a good quality and gives a rich and powerful sound. The solid spruce top gives you a desirable tone that you will desire.

The solid rosewood back and sides brings out the deep bass and strength that you will need for a balanced sound. The high and low tones are uniquely balanced and projected.

What I adore most about Washburn Vintage R320SWRK Acoustic Guitar is the bone nut and saddle. Apart from the bridge nut being strong and durable, it transfers the vibration of strings to the top consistently leading to release of a clear sound and tonal variation.

Besides, the fret board has beautiful aesthetic inlays that make it so lavish and distinct. The Parlor Style Acoustic is what you should run. Washburn Vintage R320SWRK Acoustic Guitar is it.

This will be great benefits if you are a low key player. If you are fond of less hasty musical styles, I am addressing you. Go for this acoustic guitar.

You will enjoy a more comfortable playing. I can figure out myself playing folk music right now. Intriguing is the word. For the relatively small size, Washburn Vintage R320SWRK Acoustic Guitar gives you the energy you would not imagine.

I love the nice tones and the dynamic range that it gives. The sounds are soft with no loud projections. I would recommend this guitar for singer-songwriters like me.

The soft projections will not compete with your voice as you try to sing along while writing. Secondly, its lightweight will keep you going all night long. Not forgetting, the beautiful tones and clear chords will boost your creativity as you enjoy the sweet sounds.


  • Efficient projection of sound
  • Lightweight
  • Vintage finish
  • Durable wood construction
  • Built using modern techniques


  • Expensive
  • Relatively small body size

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Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1000 – Considerations

With the challenging experience of purchasing an acoustic guitar, there are factors that should be your top priority for an easy exercise.

Most of the time, people would want to get the best guitar, but they do not know the exact thing they should look for. The following will give you a rough idea of what you should consider;


The components used to make a guitar should bring out its ability to last long.  This is depicted by components such as mahogany or Indian Rosewood on the neck, sides or back. This are tested woods that have stood the test of time and continue to triumph when used in guitars.


The ability of the guitar to play various kinds of music that you wish to pursue. Apart from the types of songs, you should consider the level of your skills.

Getting a guitar that is simple to play or tune is essential for beginners. Most importantly, you have to learn and understand how various features used to make the guitar affects the sound produced. This will assist you to make an informed decision concerning what you want to do with the guitar.

Projection Of Sounds

Imagine having a guitar that is too loud or does not project sound at all when low keys are strummed? Unless you paid very few dollars for the guitar, you will not love it. Get a guitar that will keep people speechless. A guitar that will bring out your creativity through superior articulation and oomph.


You would not want to forgo your basic needs for an expensive guitar. You should consider a price that you can afford; that will not strain your pockets. I believe the market provides guitars with best attributes at an affordable price.

People who are not certain of what they want might go for a more expensive guitar just because of its Manufacturer’s name. This makes them neglect cool guitars which are less pricey.

Design And Structure

Of course, the guitar should look gorgeous and presentable. The body should be lightweight, encompassed with components that will bring out the kind of sounds and chords that suit your type of music.

You, therefore, have to know the basics of the guitar before you purchase it. For example, if the body is made of mahogany, Indian rosewood or ebony materials, what implications will it have on the sound? Therefore, you need to analyze the guitar’s components to get the desired sound effect.

Storage And Packaging

For durability of the guitar, it must be stored well when being transported or when not in use. This implicates the need of a tough casing or a well-fitting back bag.

The packaging should be strong enough to accommodate the guitar and ensure it is safe from being scratched or being knocked down. In harsh cases, strings may come off if not well taken care of. This will make you lose the desired sounds and tones. Nobody would want to own a scratched guitar that looks old and cheap.

Final Words

As an enthusiast guitarist, you will agree with me that the choice of a guitar will greatly influence how you play, where you play and what you can play. Considering the best guitar that serves your needs is the best way to go.

Get that guitar that will project excellently, produce balanced and potent sound, and last long and more so, have the best design and features that are worth dying for.

You will never go wrong with the above-reviewed guitars for they are among the most remarkable acoustics that you will find out there.

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