Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 300 Dollars

6 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 300 Dollars – Top Models of 2017 Reviewed!

The guitars are available in different styles, sizes, prices and also designed with different type of woods. If you are budgeting below 300 bucks. You can get an incredible best acoustic electric guitar under 300 dollars with a great sound, looks and still fits your budget.

Guitarists all over the world have varying tastes when it comes to the type of guitar to play. There are those who prefer electric guitars while others love acoustic guitar. None of the guitars is better than the other because they are all designed to suit different types of play.

However, for those who play acoustic guitar, you can enjoy a lot of benefits from having an acoustic electric guitar. These guitars are also known as electro-acoustic, and they feature a magnetic pickup, microphone or a piezoelectric pickup.

6 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 300 Dollars

Below I will cover reviews of best guitars under 300 dollars from top-name brands that can be used by veteran guitarist as well as beginners.

1. Blue FullsizeThinline Acoustic Guitar

Blue FullsizeThinline Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is perfect for beginners and a favorite for some expert guitarists around the globe.

It has a beautiful blue color, is full size and comes with a few extra treats.

It can be played acoustically or plugged in, and it comes in a variety of colors e.g. black and natural finishes. The guitar has a rosewood body that is thin, making it perfect for adults and kids alike. It has a Nato top and other amazing features that give you your money’s worth on this instrument.

The guitar is also designed with a cutway body that provides the player with comfort and the best performance when you are playing. Apart from the guitar, you will also get other things included like the gig bag carrying case and pickups.


  • Great for beginners
  • Comes with a free gig bag case for convenience while transporting and guitar picks
  • Can be played acoustically or plugged in
  • Has a glossy dark blue burst finish which gives it aesthetic value
  • It is a customer favorite, and a makes a lot of sales
  • Inbuilt EQ equalizers and die-cast tuners for smooth, accurate tuning


  • Gig bag is thin
  • Better for beginners than it is for experts
  • Too much-buzzing sound when using as an electric

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2. Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK

Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK

Upgrade your acoustic guitar with the Glen Burton acoustic electric guitar.The sound quality is amazing, and that’s not all.

It is also lightweight for portability and for reducing fatigue when you are playing for long periods.

It is simply excellent, with basswood back and sides, rosewood fingerboard, steel string, and much more. All these are quality materials for a quality guitar, regarding sound, value, and durability.

It comes with a gig bag, strings, strap, picks, digital tuner and a 10-watt amplifier. You have everything that you need at your fingertips to get started.


  • Includes a lot of necessary accessories and necessities
  • Has steel strings that stay in tune a lot better
  • Has a rosewood fingerboard that produces distinctively different tones
  • Basswood back and sides and a flame top that looks fancy


  • Amp isn’t loud
  • Steel strings could injure your fingers

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3. Fullsize Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar

Fullsize Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar

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This guitar is by Jameson Guitars, a company that prides itself in providing quality guitars at very fair prices.

They are well established when it comes to making quality and valuable stringed instruments.

With a full size body and a black glossy finish, this thin line acoustic electric guitar looks super sleek. The guitar suits people of all ages and skill level. Whether you are a pro, a hobbyist or just starting your guitar learning lessons, this product will suit you.

The thin body (of just 3 inches) and shape makes it ideal for both young players and adults. It also comes with free picks a gig bag case and not forgetting its affordable price.


  • Rosewood body
  • Thin
  • Beautiful black gloss finish
  • Played acoustically or plugged in
  • Thinline body makes it suitable for adults and kids
  • Die cast tuners


  • The bag it comes with is cheap
  • Not ideal for players who prefer more bass
  • Electric pick up is not up to par

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4. Epiphone PR-4E

Epiphone PR-4E

If you are eager to learn how to play guitar, then consider the Epiphone PR-4E.

It is a popular guitar, and it is well liked by beginners for its top notch quality and performance.

It has an ideal shape and size, with a mahogany neck, body, and select Spruce top. Mahogany is fine-grained, with great musical properties. The package comes with all you need to start up, i.e. a gig bag, strap, picks, pitch pipe, 15-watt amp with a 3 band EQ and built in chorus

It is the absolute best option for beginners because, with this guitar, you don’t splurge on a high-cost music instrument when you do not even know how long your interest will last. People lose interest in things.

However, for someone who is passionate about learning to play with interest that will not fade, this is the guitar for you, and you can always upgrade later


  • Solid mahogany body and neck, a preferred tonewood in acoustic guitars, neck
  • A spruce top which aids in loudness
  • Rosewood fretboard shapes your tone
  • Package features all the essentials required to start
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate players
  • Body has a Venetian cutaway that gives easy access to all the frets


  • Strings make a buzzing sound that might be an issue to some
  • Tuner isn’t accurate
  • For a veteran, it won’t be as great as it is for a beginner

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5. Kona K2 Acoustic Dreadnought Cutaway

Kona K2 Acoustic Dreadnought Cutaway

The Kona K2 Acoustic Electric guitar features athin body, and you can play it acoustically and electrically.

It has gold die-cast tuners that look really beautiful.

It features D’Addario Strings, which give a longer lasting balanced tone with a bright intonation. They also have amazing consistency in every string. It also comes with a polishing cloth, neck wrench, and care guide.

It has a natural high gloss finish for aesthetic value. It has a spruce top which is proved to increase volume, and mahogany back and sides to aid in producing phenomenal tones.


  • High gloss finish
  • Thin body
  • Spruce top
  • Rosewood bridge and fretboard
  • Electric/acoustic design
  • Gold die-cast tuners
  • D’Addario Strings


  • Buzzing sound when played on certain frets or the lowest string open
  • Input jack might fall into the guitar

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6. Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway

Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway

This one is also perfect for beginners, with anything you could want, including an instructional DVD.

It has a large dreadnought body, tuner, book, strap, pick and a pitch pipe.

There is no guess work when you are using this musical instrument. It is designed with a digital chromatic clip-on tuner. That ensures your guitar is always in tune. Therefore, you will always get the best performance when you are playing.

The Fender CD-60CE has a cutway dreadnought body with a good-looking black finish. That makes it comfortable for you to hold when playing.

If you love traveling with your guitar or want to keep it safe, a hardshell case is provided to ensure your guitar stays safe all the time.


  • Large and loud
  • The guitar is large but not heavy
  • Built for sound and size• Beginner’s best friend
  • Spruce top
  • Natural, black or sunburst gloss finish


  • Does not come with a case
  • Will come up short when used by a professional

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Things To Consider Before Buying 

To make sure you are making the correct buying decisions, here are some few things to consider before buying or when looking for an acoustic electric guitar to purchase.

Design And Construction

Guitars come in different shapes and sizes, from small ones for kids to classics and jumbos. When playing an acoustic guitar, you will note that the body style determines the sound and the tone projection. Comfort and tonal quality when playing are also important.

Also, consider portability and comfort. If the guitar is to be carried around town, you might want to pick a smaller guitar. Also, try it out and see how it feels while sitting and while standing to make sure it feels comfortable in your hands. If it isn’t, you can pick another, but all this depends on your priorities.

Skill Level

Some guitars would be difficult for a beginner to use, and guitars that experts might find them wanting. Experts look for specific factors like tonewood and other construction details, for they have been playing for a while, and they know exactly what they want from a guitar, quality and otherwise.

Some guitars are better for beginners to start learning how to play with. Also, a beginner might not be willing to splurge on an expensive guitar just to learn how to play.


Acoustic electric guitars are equipped with accessories to connect it to a power supply, computer or amplifier, and other electronic devices. Amplifiers help it produce stronger and louder sounds, while with a computer, you can hear and record reproduced sounds from the guitar. Therefore, they can be used by recording artists and can also be used to perform for large crowds.

Based on how you intend to use your guitar, make a choice between these acoustic-electric guitars, or a traditional acoustic guitar, so you don’t end up with something you don’t need. If it’s an acoustic-electric one you need, I already got you covered with this review.

Final Words

An acoustic-electric guitar gives you the best of both worlds. It offers the simplicity of a traditional acoustic guitar and those of an electric guitar. This is not enough, though, as there are different brands in the market with different features.

Mentioned above are some of the best in the market for beginners and professional guitarists alike. So if you are in the market for a new acoustic-electric guitar. Please consider one of the above, long as it fits your needs, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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